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You're Gonna Love Going To Your Mailbox!

You Can Start Receiving “LOTS” of Money Orders, Stamps And Lotto Tickets In The Mail! And,“Gold” As A Bonus!


Dear Friend,

If you responded to one of our member's postcard, you are in the right place! And I want to thank you for taking a moment to consider this opportunity. You responded to one of our member’s postcard because you are possibly looking for a way to make some extra money from home! Well, that’s exactly what this program is all about! Bringing you MONEY! In fact, you can position yourself to start receiving a lot of envelopes with Money Orders, 1st Class Stamps and Florida Scratch-Off Lotto Tickets inside each one! Also, you can receive some “real gold” as a bonus to sweeten the pot!

If you are like me, you "LOVE" the idea of receiving money in the mail!

Everyone dreams of opening their mailbox day after day and finding checks, money orders and cash in the mail. Nothing beats the feeling of getting a check or money in the mail. NOTHING! It's like Christmas everyday! Well, when you receive an envelope in the mail from Postcard Riches, it will not have only money, but a few more gifts as well! Christmas time!

Just think! Not only will you earn money! But getting some FREE Stamps with each commission payment will sure help offset the cost of marketing, and save you a ton of money on postage! You could potentially receive tens-of-thousands of FREE 1st Class Stamps! Plus, along with your FREE stamps, you'll receive a FREE Scratch-off Lotto Ticket! Heck! With just the FREE Lotto Tickets alone you could possibly win "thousands" more in cash prizes! Just mail-in your ticket to claim your prize! And the “Gold” bonuses you can rack up are a valuable commodity that you can save as an investment, or sell for more cash!

In closing, the potential market for this kind of opportunity is huge! There are virtually an unlimited number of people who would love an opportunity like this one! Hopefully you will like what you see, and the kind of money you could start receiving! Don’t miss your chance to get on board and start receiving the benefits of what this program can offer!

Postcard Riches is a unique, and profitable money-marketing program. It offers an extremely powerful and rewarding pay concept. So don’t be fooled by the simplicity and low start-up cost of the program. It’s a proven method that can bring you a “realistic” and “consistent” stream of Money Orders, Stamps and Lotto Tickets in the mail over and over again! And don't forget the "Gold" bonuses as well! All you have to do is simply mail some postcards, and let the system do the work! IT WORKS!!  It has the potential to turn a small amount of money into a Small Fortune!

Once again I would like to extend my personal invitation to join our program, to become a member of our community, and join others who LOVE receiving Money Orders, FREE Stamps, FREE Lotto Tickets and Gold in the mail! 

So if you want to get started with our postcard program, please refer back to the postcard you received from that member, and carefully follow the instructions on the postcard under: How To Get Started located on the back. I must have this post card for processing. 

If you do decide to join. Be sure to read my report that comes with your order:
“How to Get Rich Mailing 30 Postcards Daily!”  It’s an honest "real life" report on how you can be successful mailing postcards for this program, or any other direct-mail opportunity you may be promoting! If you have any additional questions please call me. You will get my personal help, and the help of others along the way to help you achieve some of your financial goals. You won’t be alone. You can call me. I’m a real person.


Postcard Riches Admin

Here’s An Overview Of How The Program Works! 

Permanent Pay! - True Leverage! - Perpetual Income!

How It Works:We have chosen a pay concept that has permanent pay positions, creates leverage, and generates perpetual income! (It has helped people make $200 - $500 or more a day!) There are (four) positions in our system. You will earn Cash commissions from (three) of those positions: (#1, #2 and #4)(One) position: (#3) is for the administration fees, operation and product cost. NO additional fees are added. ALL money orders, stamps, lotto tickets & gold rewards bonuses are sent to members daily, Monday - Friday.

​This Is How Much You Earn From Each Position

Position #1 Pays $50 Commissions, 5 Stamps, 1 Lotto Ticket and (1) Gram of Gold For Every 5 Personal Sales.

Position #2 Pays $30 Commissions, 5 Stamps, 1 Lotto Ticket

Position #3 Fees $35 Plus (1) Book of Forever Stamps / Admin Cost

Position #4 Pays $20 Commissions, 5 Stamps, 1 Lotto Ticket / Permanent Pay

When you join or sign up for the program your name goes in position#1 in our system and on your postcard. Every person who joins from your postcard will receive their own postcard. Your name will move in position#2 and then position#4. Position#4 is your Permanent Pay position! You will always have this position in our system and on the postcards of other members you and your team personally sponsor. Your name will remain in position#4“Permanent Pay” on every postcard of your down-line members! Your name Never Drops Off Any Postcard In Your Network Of Members Mailing Postcards! This is absolutely awesome! Your name will be on thousands and thousands of postcards forever! This can bring you a virtual “boatload” of money orders, stamps and lotto tickets! 

Just Signing Up ONE Person Can Grow Your INCOME!

Another advantage of the Forever, or Permanent pay concept is your income can grow exponentially just by signing up “one” person in your down-line! You can literally sponsor (one) person and be in a pay position on thousands and thousands of postcards! That’s right! JUST ONE! ​ Just signing up one person can put you on the money-train and start bringing you many envelopes of cash, stamps and lotto tickets to your mailbox!  But don't stop with just one! You want to sign-up as many people on your marketing team as possible!

Leverage + Duplication Can Create A "BOATLOAD" Of Money Orders, Tons Of FREE Stamps & Lotto Tickets, And Gold Bonuses!

As you begin to make money, leverage some of your earnings and invest in more mailings, to get more members for more income, stamps and lotto tickets! Also you will receive (1) gram of Gold for every 5 members you personally refer (a $50 - $60 value at current gold prices). Imagine if you had 20 members mailing under you and each did the same for 3 generations. You would receive over $170,000 a year!  40,000 stamps! And 8,000 lotto tickets! Plus the Gold bonuses for referring the 20 members! That’s “really good” money! All from just mailing a few postcards! What if you had 50 or 100 members? --- Build Your Member Network!

This is truly a "people-helping-people" program! You need the power of "leverage" and “duplication” if you expect to be successful and make BIG MONEY! Leverage creates wealth! Leverage, plus duplication is what will bring you those $200 - $500 days of money in the mail! 

The Power of Marketing

Postcard Marketing Creates Easy Duplication! You Will Have Many Members Helping You Build Your Business And Make Money!

MARKETING is the key that unlocks the POWER to business SUCCESS! The true “KEY” to any business success is: Finding NEW customers! Finding new and potential customers that will join you and your opportunity is what enables you to make money, and lots of it! Every sales message you send out is like your very own, personal salesman. It only has one purpose: To bring back a sale, lead, prospect or response. By using the effective postcards we provide you with for this program will bring you this result! And build your group, your business, and make you lots of $$$ in the process!

Please! Once again! Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this program! There are people receiving hundreds of dollars daily with this pay concept! It’s only when you start using proven marketing and money-making strategies will you start to earn good money. And direct-mail marketing is very simple and anyone can do it!

Now take the next step! Simply return the postcard you received, and follow the instructions on back to get started. Then you can be in position to start receiving your cash, free stamps and lotto tickets in the mail! And some gold also!

One Final Note:This program is professionally monitored. We answer questions, mail out sign-up Paks, and send money orders, stamps, lotto tickets and gold reward bonuses for all members daily. We also provide management and honest service for this program. This is a very simple system, do not over complicate it or try to reinvent the wheel. Our marketing system is based on very successful methods! Remember the success of a system is if other people can duplicate what you do. We have devised a simple plan that can bring you a lot of money orders, stamps and lotto tickets in the mail! The key to making a lot of money with direct-mail networking is to mail consistently while developing a foundational organization….You only need a few good members to set your foundation! Sure some people will drop out, stop mailing etc. But, once it’s set, you will start to experience exponential duplication and explosive growth in your network of members. Thus creating UNLIMITED INCOME!  First you begin to make $100, then $300 and soon $500, $1000 per week and more! So get started today! You can be only days away from receiving your first envelope of commissions in the mail!

We have been in the Mailing List and Information Marketing Business for over 18 years, and have provided work-at-home opportunities and help people make tens of thousands of dollars from home! We are not gurus, (you don’t’ need to be a guru to make money from home), but we know what we are doing. And doing what we do well gives you the opportunity to make a very good income from home. Also, we are not here today gone tomorrow like many so many others. You can call us at any time. We are here to help you!

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Disclaimer: Postcard Riches is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional services. If legal or other expert assistance is required, the services of a qualified professional should be sought. All businesses ventures have a potential risk of loss. This opportunity is void where prohibited.